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The Listing Is Held By Jackie Hall Of Sotheby`s International Reality
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Filled to the brim with floral chintz and lace, pinks and mint greens - the one word to describe Kirstie Alley`s home in Maine would be girly or perhaps, frilly.
Overstuffed floral-print chairs sit beneath a delicate chandelier in a sitting room, the kitchen boasts bubblegum pink walls and shelves fit with supplies for the ultimate garden tea party. Each of the bedrooms has vintage-style wallpaper, flouncy drapes and more floral pillows.
Pictures: 맞고사이트 Kirstie AlleyPictures: \"Dancing with the Stars\" Season 12
Situated on 16 acres on Islesboro Island, the actresses` home is what you would expect in a dollhouse more than in rustic Maine. Islesboro Island is a high-end enclave home to many wealthy vacationers besides Kirstie Alley, including John Travolta, according to The Real Estalker.
Although Alley has been in and out of the gossip mags in the past few years for her weight gains and losses, as well as her reality TV show documenting those struggles, the actress first made a name for herself on the set of Cheers, a role for which she won a Golden Globe. In May 2011, she was runner-up on the reality show \"Dancing with the Stars.\"
Alley bought her Islesboro place in 2003 for $1,150,000 and after outfitting it, is listing it on the Islesboro real estate market for $2,350,000. The home is described as a cottage, but with over 2,000 square feet of living space, 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, it`s sized more like an estate.
Outside the frilly decor, Alley`s home features plank hardwood floors, exposed beamed ceilings, and extensive ocean views.
The listing is held by Jackie Hall of Sotheby`s International Reality.
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